Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter on the Praries

We have been blasted the last couple days, and for the next few days to follow, with -35 C (-45 w/windchill) temps here, howling winds and just nasty winter weather! We were spoiled with very mild temps so far, although this is not unusal winter weather. Thankfully, I work from home so do not have to brave the elements, but my thoughts & prayers are with those who have to work outside in this....mailmen, police, firemen, (among others) and those who are outside in this - the homeless. Although we have many options in my city for the homeless to get in out of the cold, there are those who, because of mental illness, addictions, and fear, choose to not utilize them. I pray for their safety, and their wisdom to accept the help offered them. I thank you Lord, for the blessings of warmth, shelter and the means to sustain them.

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